DARP (Dallas Austin Recording Projects)


DARP Studios is a classic full-service recording studio, that has been the birthplace of some of popular music’s biggest hits in the past 20 years. The facility has history written all over it’s walls (literally). At DARP, we not only provide the equipment to make your art come to life, but we also try and provide the inspiration for it.

DARP includes a 4 room studio and lounge area that will help to inspire the un-inspired. There are main speakers in Studio A and B – that are one of a kind. The speakers are so rare, that there is no other design in the WORLD. Not to mention, we will cater to your every need.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact a representative today and begin making your visions a reality!

Darp Studios offers quality recording and editing projects. Ask about our new client introductory rates. Please call to inquire evening specials and 12 hour block rates.

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